HAL Applications

Combinations are Easy in Meeting Rooms with Rane's HAL1x

Old Sound System Problems

This hotel meeting room with moveable walls had an old sound system with limited and confusing switching when rooms were combined or separated. Each of the four rooms has two wall-plate XLR jacks, but volume for each was adjusted on labelled rackmount mic mixers in an equipment closet down the hall. A patch bay and switches could assign mixer outputs to room amplifiers, but this wasn't easy for hotel staff to operate. With growing A/V requirements, sometimes more than two inputs were needed in one room. Time for a remodel and an upgrade.

Old Hotel Room Combinations

The Rane HAL1x Upgrade

Rane's HAL1x Multiprocessor replaces the mixers and patch bay, puts control inside each room, makes it easy for the hotel staff to operate, and delivers greatly improved sound with room-tailored digital signal processing. Each room gets an additional pair of audio inputs (a mic and a line), and also gets its own wall-mount remote to mix the audio from within the room. The new inputs and remote wall-mount in standard 2-gang US electrical boxes. Each box connects to the equipment room via a single CAT 5e (or better) cable.

Hotel Room Combine System with added inputs and remote controls

The HAL System Room Combine Processor is designed to simplify the task of configuring the audio system for a set of rooms containing movable walls that can be opened and closed in a variety of ways. In this case, we have eight different possible room combinations. Previously, any wall combination or separation took an engineer to configure. The DR2 Digital Remote is a simple one-knob control with an LCD that allows staff to select which of the three walls are opened or closed. This can mount in the equipment closet or in the sales office. This is all HAL needs to know, and it takes care of the audio routing and room remote control logic.

The Room Combine block allows you to quickly configure the physical layout of the rooms, specify which common walls are movable or overflow, and linking to the DR2 remote provides hotel staff with easy control when walls are open or closed.

Halogen Room Combine Layout and Control

Access the individual Room Processor blocks for each possible room, from which you can configure a wide variety of parameters, create additional control links specific to that room, and customize the room's main preset or add other presets.

Halogen Room Combine Processors

Without replacing amplifiers and speakers, this system can be upgraded with:

  • (1) HAL1x Multiprocessor
  • (4) RAD2 XLR Mic Input and 3.5 mm / RCA Line Input (one in each room).
  • (4) DR3 Remotes (one in each room).
  • (1) DR2 Remote (to select which of the three walls are open or closed).
  • (4) Amplifier channels driving multiple ceiling arrays.

Hotel floor plan for meeting room combinations

The existing wall-mount XLRs are assigned in Halogen software to be either mic or line level. The DR3 Remote allows selection of six levels and adjustment of each. This configuration file includes all of the inputs, the Room Combine processor, and remote controls. Halogen lets you easily add more signal processing that can make the rooms sound great, such as microphone feedback suppression, room equalization, mild compression, and volume limiting.