HAL Applications

Retail Store Multiple Zone Sound System using a HAL1x

This system provides background music and mic inputs for paging in ten zones having these requirements:

  • The retail store has zones for a front sidewalk, entry, sales floor, subwoofer, stockroom, a second floor lounge / sales floor, elevator, fitting rooms, bathrooms, and a roof patio for employees or events.
  • A digital music player (DMP) is located behind the registers for station selection, input to a Rane RAD2, can be sent to all zones.
  • Three-band tone controls are included in the HAL1x for the DMP.
  • An annoucement mic (with internal switch) is available at the registers for annoucements or paging, input to the same RAD2.
  • A DR3 remote control at the register adjusts the sound level for any zone in the building.
  • A subwoofer in the corner of the main sales floor delivers the thump.
  • A DR3 remote control in the stockroom selects the DMP input, a local input from a RAD2, or Off, and adjusts volume.
  • A DR3 remote control upstairs in the roof patio selects the DMP input, a local input from a RAD2, or Off, and adjusts volume.
  • A DR1 remote control upstairs adjusts the inside level. The DR3 level control at the register follows any level change here.
  • RAD2s in the stockroom and the roof patio accept a 3.5 mm mini or RCA plugs as a temporary input for employee or private events.
  • The HAL1x Logic accepts the city-required fire alarm mute relay, muting the audio in case of an alarm.

This can be accomplished with:

  • (1) HAL1x Multiprocessor
  • (3) RAD2 Mic / Line Inputs
  • (3) DR3 Selection and Level Remotes
  • (1) DR1 Level Remote
  • (10) Amplifier channels / powered speakers.

Retail 2-story sound system floor plan

The orange circled numbered represent the ouputs from the Rane HAL1x's eight orange outputs. Since ten zones are needed, the remaining two outputs come from the RAD16z attached to the equipment rack with the HAL1x and the amplifiers.

The RAD2 and DR3 on the roof patio could be moved indoors and the DR1 eliminated, depending on the use of the second story as additional retail space or more storeroom, employee and office space. The first remote below is located at the registers. The other two remotes select source and volume in the stockroom and the roof patio or second story floor.

Retail DR3 remotes