HAL Applications

Eight-Zone Health Club Music and Paging using a HAL2

This system provides background music and paging for eight zones in a health club with these requirements:

  • The eight zones need volume control from both the office and front desk. These zones include the main training floor, pool, juice bar, lobby, women's and men's locker rooms.
  • The cardio and yoga rooms each need a mic input that mixes with a music source. Each room needs independent control that can select a local music input (CD / MP3), or select any background music source, and adjust the room volume level.
  • A receptionist needs to be able to page into cardio, yoga, or to all rooms, from the front desk. Music volume needs to lower during a page and resume after the page.
  • One background music source is selected by the manager for all zones, the cardio and yoga rooms can select their room source, or a local input during a class.
  • The music system needs to automatically mute when the fire alarm is activated.

This can be accomplished with:

  • (1) HAL2 Multiprocessor
  • (1) PAGER1 Paging Station for the receptionist
  • (2) RAD2 Microphone and Line Inputs for the cardio and yoga rooms
  • (2) or (4) DR3 Remotes*
  • (8) Amplifier channels for overhead speaker arrays and powered speakers for the cardio and yoga rooms.

Gym floor plan for sound system

All of the DSP required for paging, distributed background music selection, equalization, dynamics and Level control is included in the HAL2.

*The overall background music room volumes may be done with DR3 remotes in both the manager's office and the front desk. The names of all zones appear in all remote displays. Source selection can be fixed by the manager in Halogen software. To allow both the manager and receptionist to choose the background music source as well as volumes in each zone, simple web controls can be bookmarked in any desktop browser. Using web controls in either or both locations could save the cost of one or both DR3 remotes.

HAL2 Gym Web Controls

Gym Sound System Wiring