HAL Applications

3 Hotel Meeting Room Combinations using a HAL2

This system provides sound for meeting spaces with moveable walls, which can be a large ballroom divided in combinations up to three separate rooms. Sound from wall input jacks will automatically switch when walls open and close. There is also a lobby with paging to all rooms from a reception desk. The room has eight zones with these requirements:

  • The room has movable walls to create these combinations of A|B|C, A+B|C, A|B+C, A+C|B, A+B+C. Sound needs to be independent for each room, or combined when the wall is open. Inputs are available in each room that are divided when the walls are closed, and appropriately mixed when a wall is open. Infrared sensors are used to determine open and closed states for each wall.
  • One wireless handheld mic is available. A control in the office determines which rooms the mic audio is heard.
  • A wired mic input and a line input are provided in each of the three meeting rooms.
  • The additional zones are Lobby, Hallway, Men's and Women's Rooms, and a Pet Relief Area.
  • A receptionist is able to page into any single zone, or to all zones.
  • Logic output is provided for lobby fountain on and off.
  • Logic outputs are provided for the main meeting room projection screen up and down, and projector on and off
  • Logic output is provided for the main meeting room mirror ball on and off, with pot-on-a-wall control of ball spin rate.
  • Logic input is provided for audio to be muted during a fire alarm.

This can be accomplished with:

  • (1) HAL2 Multiprocessor
  • (1) PAGER1 Paging Station for the receptionist
  • (3) RAD2 XLR Mic Input and 3.5mm / RCA Line Inputs for each meeting room
  • (1) DR2 Remote for room selection of the wireless mic
  • (1) DR3 Remote to mix volumes for background music and wall jack inputs from the RAD2s.
  • (1) DR4 to add the additional logic for the projector, mirror ball and fountain.
  • (3) IR2 Infrared Door Sensors to sense meeting door moveable walls.
  • (8) Amplifier channels, using amplifiers and transformers for 70V ceiling speakers.

Hotel with 3-Room Combine Floor Plan

All of the mic inputs have their own 6-band parametric equalizer. The Room Combine processor in Halogen maps each input to the combination of zones. The room speakers have their own parametric EQ and a limiter.

There is an easy level mixer for all audio sources in both rooms, easily selected and adjusted with the DR3 Remotes. There are a more unused inputs on the HAL2 for future devices. These inputs can easily be added and named with Halogen software, and the names will appear in the lists on the DR3 remotes.

The wall between the two rooms can be collapsed. The IR2 detector automatically senses when the wall is open or closed, providing separate settings for the DR3s when the wall is closed, and common settings when the wall is open. Room equalization can be automatically switched as well.

HAL2 Hotel Room Combine Sound System Wiring