HAL Applications

Meeting Room Combine with One Divider using a HAL2

This system provides basic presentation audio for one large room that can be divided into two smaller rooms. This system is applicable to a boardroom, classroom, or any multipurpose room in a school, college or church. The room has two zones with these requirements:

  • The room has a movable wall to create two smaller rooms. Sound needs to be independent for each room, or combined when the wall is open.
  • Two wireless handheld mics are available. These mics can be used separately in each room when the wall is closed, and both heard when the wall is open.
  • A wired mic input and a line input are provided in the North room.
  • Two wired mic inputs are provided in the South room.
  • All mics are gain-sharing to provide the most output without feedback.
  • Remote controls in each room mix and adjust the level coming from each input source.

This can be accomplished with:

  • (1) HAL2 Multiprocessor
  • (1) RAD1 Dual XLR Mic Input
  • (1) RAD2 XLR Mic Input and 3.5mm / RCA Line Inputs
  • (3) DR3 Remotes
  • (1) IR2 Infrared Door Sensor
  • (2) Amplifier channels, using either amplifiers or good powered speakers.

All of the inputs have their own 4-band parametric equalizer. The Room Combine processor in Halogen maps each input to one or both zones. The room speakers have their own parametric EQ and a limiter. Powered speakers are shown in the drawing below, or replaced with amplifiers with distributed ceiling speakers.

There is an easy level mixer for all audio sources in both rooms, easily selected and adjusted with the DR3 Remotes. There are a more unused inputs on the HAL2 for future devices. These inputs can easily be added and named with Halogen software, and the names will appear in the lists on the DR3 remotes.

The wall between the two rooms can be collapsed. The IR2 detector automatically senses when the wall is open or closed, providing separate settings for the DR3s when the wall is closed, and common settings when the wall is open. Room equalization can be automatically switched as well.

HAL2 Meeting Room with Divider