HAL Applications

Eight-Zone Restaurant and Bar Background and Live Music with Paging using a HAL2

This system provides background music and paging for eight zones with these requirements:

  • The eight zones need manager volume control from the office. These zones include a main dining room, second reserve dining room, arcade, lobby, entryway, kitchen, offices, and the bar.
  • A receptionist needs to be able to page into the lobby, dining rooms, lounge, arcade, and entry, using these four scenarios: Page All, Table Ready, Lounge Only and Dining.
  • The bar has a stage with good full-range music speakers. XLR inputs on the stage accept input from a musician's or DJ's mixer.
  • The bar has televisions which can feed audio to the system during big games or events, which can be selected to be heard in other rooms.
  • Background music is available in all areas from a single source. During stage performances, the live music is available to other rooms.
  • The main dining, second dining, reception, bar and arcade need to locally switch which music is heard in the overhead speakers, and control volume.
  • An accordion wall separates the main dining from the second dining. The wall can open be closed for group dinners, and open for regular business. Private dinners can have a different audio source and volume.

This can be accomplished with:

  • (1) HAL2 Multiprocessor
  • (1) PAGER1 Paging Station
  • (1) RAD3 Dual XLR Input
  • (5) DR3 Remotes
  • (1) IR2 Infrared Door Sensor
  • (8) Amplifier channels and transformer speakers for the zones and good powered speakers for the bar.

Hotel floor plan for HAL2

All of the DSP required for paging, distributed background music selection, equalization, dynamics and Level control is included in the HAL2. Though six Digital Remotes are used and the HAL2 only has four DR ports, Digital Remotes can be connected to RAD ports. A single DR3 remote (1) in a manager’s office or rack room can provide independent level for all 8 outputs, and an adjustment made at a local DR3 is updated live at the manager's DR3. Selection and volume within 5 different zones is accomplished using 5 DR3 remotes, available in black, ivory or white to match the room decor. The Rane PAGER1 Paging Station (A) at the receptionist supplies paging throughout many zones. A DJ or band can plug a mixer into a RAD3 on the stage wall (B) providing balanced XLR inputs to the built-in system. A DR3 behind the bar sets the room source selection and volume (5).

The system has three stereo source inputs:

  • Background music service (connects to HAL2 line inputs 1 & 2).
  • Television in the bar (connects to HAL2 line inputs 3 & 4).
  • Guest musician or DJ input at the stage (connects to the RAD3).

These are all labelled source selections in all the room DR3s. There are a few unused inputs on the HAL2 for future devices. These inputs can easily be added through Halogen software to the DR3 remotes installed in each room.

The accordion wall between Dining Room 1 and Dining Room 2 is moveable. The IR2 detector automatically senses when the wall is open or closed, providing separate settings for the DR3s when the wall is closed, and common settings when the wall is open. Room equalization can be automatically switched as well.

HAL2 Restaurant Wiring