HAL Applications

Live Sound Performance Venue using a HAL3s

This system provides great sound for a live music performance hall, house of worship, auditorium or club with these requirements:

  • An existing console is in the back of the theater, with a snake breakout box back stage.
  • The main sound is wired for stereo, with dual bass, mid and high bins flanking the stage.
  • An additional fill cluster above the stage shares the same stereo signals.
  • If this is a music venue, a house DJ mixer is ready for DJs that don't bring their own, and it has it's own input to the system.
  • If this is a church system, the organ output is fed to the main stereo P.A.
  • Separate inputs are provided for guest artists that do not need to use the console or snake.
  • With more musicians able to provide their own live mix on a stereo pair of cables, a sound engineer at the console may not be needed for all functions. They need an easy way for the stage manager to adjust the mix of the house DJ mixer (or organ), the guest artist input, the main console, and the main speakers, without bringing in a mixing engineer.

This can be accomplished with:

  • (1) HAL3s Multiprocessor
  • (1) RAD15 for the guest artist inputs.
  • (1) RAD15 for the main console input and output.
  • (1) DR3 Digital Remote to adjust the house mix.

Live performance venue floor plan

All of the DSP required for mixing, feedback suppression, room equalization, 3-way crossover, speaker protection and Level control is included in the HAL3s. Each of the six outputs has a limiter to protect the speaker, and preset with a maximum loudness. The DR3 backstage allows the stage manager to balance the levels of the house mixer (or church organ), guest artist inputs, output from the console and the overall system level. The HAL3s and amplifiers are kept upstairs in the loft. The signals from the RAD15 guest input are also fed to a pair of inputs on the console. A stereo parametric in Halogen is used for room equalization before the crossover, and a separate stereo parametric is used for room EQ for the fills above the stage.

Live performance venue wiring