HAL Applications

Tavern Background and Live Music System using a HAL3s

This system provides background music for a main zone and 4 sub-zones for a bar, restaurant or club with these requirements:

  • The tavern has a live music stage, a bar area, 2 outside decks, and restrooms that need audio.
  • Only one source needs to be active at a time for the entire tavern.
  • The main system on the stage has two hanging speakers and two subwoofers.
  • A Remote at the bar selects background music for all zones: a streaming service, a handheld wireless mic, satellite TV, or an input from the stage from a guest musician or DJ.
  • Zone volumes are only to be adjusted by a manager on duty, using web controls.
  • Password protected web page prevents unauthorized mobile devices from accessing web controls.
  • Future upgrade for paging provided via an available RAD port.

This can be accomplished with:

  • (1) HAL3s Multiprocessor
  • (1) RAD3 for TV and background music input
  • (1) DR2 Remote in the bar to select the source
  • Use the included Halogen web controls to adjust the volume in each zone.
  • The system can use either powered speakers, amplifiers and speakers, or a combination of both.
  • Optional Windows® PC running Halogen may be used to fine-tune volumes and other daily use settings.

Tavern audio sound system

All of the DSP required for distributed background music selection, tone controls, room equalization, subwoofer crossover, speaker protection and Level control is included in the HAL3s. Each of the six outputs has a limiter to protect the speaker, and each zone is preset with a maximum loudness. The DR2 at the bar allows an employee to change the source to live music, TV, background music, or a microphone announcement.

Tavern audio level web controls

The web controls allow authorized employees to adjust zone volume with any tablet or laptop that has a web browser. The manager or installer can customize the web page / IP address for security. Web controls also save the cost of another DR remote control.