HAL Applications

Stereo with Loudness Compensation using a HAL4

When music is loud, equalization or tone control needs may be minimal. As the volume reduces, music doesn't sound as good because the ear is less sensitive to very low and very high frequencies. Music sounds better at lower volumes with the highs and lows boosted as illustrated by Fletcher-Munson Curves. Thus, dynamic loudness compensation is offered in many of the better consumer stereos, tied to the volume control. This variable loudness compensation can be implemented in Halogen using a 3-way stereo crossover, multiple linked volume controls and a combining stereo mixer. This processing map doesn't follow Fletcher-Munson exactly, but follows the principle well enough to improve the sound of music at low volumes.

Loudness Compensation Processing Map

This system contains:

  • (1) HAL4 Multiprocessor
  • (1) DR1 Remote in the room.
  • The system can use either powered speakers or amplifiers and speakers.
  • Optional Windows® PC running Halogen may be used to fine-tune volumes and other settings.

HAL4 Stereo System