Fader Care and Replacement

Pot Maintenance

Although Rane does not expect slider or rotary pots to need routine cleaning, there are certain harsh environments where this may prove beneficial. These instructions are only for audio slider and rotary potentiometers, and not for the no-contact magnetic faders found in our newer DJ mixers. See this article for help with magnetic faders.

Lubricant / Cleaner
Rane recommends CAIG Laboratories DeoxIT® Fader F-Series 5% Solution.


  1. Make sure the equipment is turned off, and preferably unplugged.
  2. Position the fader to be cleaned in such a way that it is easily accessible.
  3. Cover and protect any finished surface which may be affected by over-spray.
  4. Using the spray tube, apply three short bursts of solution into control. When done regularly, in many situations this is sufficient maintenance and no further lubrication is necessary.
  5. Operate the control through its entire travel to distribute the cleaner.
  6. Collect any excess cleaner and prevent it from flowing uncontrolled.
  7. Again, work the lubricant into the device by operating the control repeatedly.
  8. At this point the control should be operational. If fader performance is questionable then replacement of the pot is the only sure remedy.

Maintenance Intervals
Products which are used in harsh environments should be cleaned and lubricated regularly, the interval can be annual, or determined by the user. Slide controls that are scratchy, intermittent or mechanically binding should be cleaned immediately to prevent further wear to the component.